Lightlane Melbourne

Our operations in Melbourne forms part of the organisation’s global presence. As our first step in Australia, Lightlane Melbourne is looking towards rapid growth internally and externally.

Key Projects


Active Learning: Start-up Business Development

Lightlane Melbourne’s pilot project involved assisting educational startup Active Learning in restructuring their business plan and conducting feasibility analysis on proposed specific commercial operations. A team of four from Lightlane Melbourne was engaged by Active Learning to complete the project within three weeks.

Hexagon AB

Hexagon Innovation: Market study & investigation

Hexagon Innovation is currently developing a health device with advanced tracking abilities and multiple features to capture user information. Lightlane Melbourne has been engaged to investigate a potential market for which HI can enter into.

Key People

Derek Lieu
Managing Director

Alex Stella
Projects Director

Kunal Patil
Partnerships Director

Edward Feng
HR Director

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A diversified economy

One of the major economic characteristics of Melbourne is its diversified strength in multiple sectors including finance, research, IT, manufacture and tourism. It is arguable that as a result, there is a lot of attention paid to the ‘economic metabolism’ within each industry and sometimes how they interconnect with one another. Trade & Investment Victoria reports that the Victorian state’s contribution to the national GDP (22%) is more than three times of its representation in the nation’s land mass (3%). As a state economy, Victoria’s GDP beats many nation economies such as Singapore (IMF World Economic Outlook Database Oct 2015). It needs to be understood that the ‘dense’ economic activity happening here is a key driver of the Australian economic growth. What this means is that the potential for businesses and startups to thrive is linked not only to the strong economy but also to the multiple channels currently existing.

Lightlane’s primary emphasis here is to deliver high quality, high impact consulting, development and research services for SME and start-ups in Melbourne. By helping businesses understand and transform, Lightlane is focused on working collaboratively with clients and enabling the client organisation to move with a forward drive.