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Auckland – Closes on end of March 2018
Melbourne – Closed

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Lightlane is a multinational non-profit organisation that offers pro bono consulting, development and research services to start-ups and small businesses across a range of sectors. We focus on helping our clients drive their business forward by working collaboratively and thinking creatively.

Check out the job descriptions below and apply with your CV and Cover Letter to

1. Consultants

As backbone of our organisation you will be working in teams to create reports on your assigned client. Duties include:

  • Working in teams of 3-4 to write up consulting reports
  • Collaborating with the project manager to set deadlines and ensure deadlines are achieved
  • Participating in client interviews and skype sessions to understand your assigned client’s needs
  • Develop a cohesive report by analysing information, researching relevant frameworks and developing suggestions
  • If required be ready to present the suggestions to the client at the end of the project

What we want from you:

  • Interested in all things consulting
  • Possess great writing skill and ability
  • Work well in a team and be able to manage conflict in a professional manner
  • Dedicate the necessary amount of time and get tasks done
  • Capable of confidently speaking and voicing your opinions
  • Think creatively and critically
  • Be willing to research and learn as the client and industry may require you to do

2. Projects Manager – Executive Position

This position essentially requires you to be the eyes and ears of the organisation as you will be responsible for ensuring projects start, proceed and end in a timely manner and ensuring consultants are kept on track with the goals of our organisation. Duties include:

  • Assigning members to consulting projects and establishing consulting teams based on the merits and abilities of each consultant.
  • Working with the executive team to manage consultant hiring and training on a perpetual basis.
  • Keeping tabs and essentially “be in the know” of each project and communicate this information regularly to the executive members.
  • Establish team deadlines and benchmarks as well as means of achieving those deadlines in a timely manner.

We are looking for a person with:

  • Great confidence with conflict management skills and professional non-partisan manner
  • Experience dealing with people from a variety of backgrounds.
  • Minimum second year of your tertiary studies.
  • Timely, organised and meticulous characteristic
  • Conflict resolution and risk management skills

3. Business Development Manager – Executive Position

The business development manager plays a very crucial role in the organisation by managing relationship with external parties that lead to continuous business development and growth. Duties include:

  • Managing external affairs in conjunction with the rest of the executives.
  • Work closely with the managing director to establish external relationships and contacts
  • Identify and acquire new consulting projects through a variety of means
  • Set up new innovative ways to engage consultants
  • Work creatively to come up with new and exciting future ventures with the executive team.
  • Manage and retaining the existing clients
  • Business development planning

We are looking for a person who is:

  • Self Driven and willing to take initiative (without needing to be told what to do).
  • Willing and able to interact with external parties confidently and professionally.
  • Not afraid to think out of the box and willing to express their creative side.
  • Willing to get out of their comfort zone and not afraid of networking and building contacts.

4. Social Media Manager – Executive position

In this position you will regularly meet with the executive team to discuss strategic goals and implement those goals within our social media platform. Duties include:

  • Designing promotional material such as Facebook posts, posters etc
  • Maintain and update our websites and online events
  • Create engaging content by researching interesting areas of the business world regularly

What we want from you:

  • Be able to work independently without being prompted
  • Able to use design software and create eye catching communication material
  • Some experience with website creation and maintenance ( or the ability to learn technical aspects of the job).