Introducing Lightlane

We are a multinational non-profit organisation offering pro bono consulting, development and research services to small businesses and start-ups across a range of sectors.



projects secured within eight months


staff across Australia & New Zealand


months average project turnover

Understand. Decide. Act.

The world is changing fast and moving forward continuously. To stay relevant in this environment as a business or start-up, you need to grow faster than the market. For many businesses this is easier said than done as it comes with much sophistication and ‘bumpy roads’.

So this is where Lightlane comes in. We are here to:

  • Simplify the complexity and enable you to understand.
  • Develop strategies and help you decide your direction.
  • Work collaboratively and advise you on how to act.

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Our focus areas

By categorising our services into specific areas, we are able to effectively allocate our team capabilities accordingly and provide consulting, development and desktop research services that is tailored to the client.

So here at Lightlane, we focus our attention in two major areas.


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